I am alive….

I have to start with the positive since the past 5 months have not been what I would call awesome.  I could go into all of the gory details but I don’t want to put my 3 readers to sleep so I’ll just cover the highlights:

1) Bought a nice road bike (you know, because I can’t run)
2) Crashed new road bike (oops!).  Sustained “mild” concussion- couldn’t work out for a while (great, what else is new?).
3) My husband had a heart attack  (No risk factors, totally out of the blue..while we were at a ropes course)
4) Remember my “mild” concussion?  Turns out it wasn’t quite so mild.  After experiencing weird eye symptoms (pressure, swelling, bloodshot eyes, tearing) and jumping around from doctor to doctor, I end up in the ER for emergency neurosurgery.  Oh, hello Carotid-cavernous fistula- thanks for the 15 coils I now have in my head.  I’ve always loved to accessorize ;-). This also happens the day before my kids go back to school and two days before my son’s birthday.
5) On the way home from the hospital, I checked my voicemail and learned that a mole I had had biopsied had pre-cancerous cells and needed further excision.  (Sweet!)

On the positive side, I have good insurance, live in an area with amazing healthcare and am on the roads to recovery.  My husband (with his new stent) is also doing good and even though he didn’t have any risk factors, he is now eating super healthy, has lost a bunch of weight and is working out.

So that is a recap on the last few months of my medical issues. Throughout this time, I haven’t been running*. My knee is still bothering me even with just walking around, elliptical and yoga. I have been able to bike without pain so I’ve been doing lots of spinning at the gym.

There’s my quick check in/update. I’ll be back with an update on my knee soon…yep, that’s a tease ;-))

About Paige

I am a runner, wife and mother of three. I've been running since I was a kid and had my first taste of victory when I beat all the boys (and girls) in my grade at a school run. Since then, I've had a love/hate relationship with running....I love to run but hate how the training can sometimes monopolize my time and prevent me from doing "fun" things. So, I try hard to find the balance between challenging myself with running, while still having lots of fun on the side.
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