One Week Down

I am one week out from surgery and things are going pretty well.  Other than getting sick on Day 2, I’ve been feeling better and better each day.  I went off pain medication 3 days after surgery and was out and about for most of the 4th day {having 3 kids in activities doesn’t give one a chance to rest for long!}. Now at one week out, my knee is still a little swollen but it doesn’t hurt too much unless I’m doing too much or hit it or fall….which I’ve done twice :={.

Which leads me to my next topic: Crutches.  How in the world have all these people made them look so easy?  I have never had to use them before but figured they can’t be too hard because they give them to kids, right?  Well I have been humbled.  In my defense, I found out 4 days into Crutchgate that my crutches were too low for me and I have had a little more success in that time.  But still….I’m still totally clumsy and fumble with them.  And…. my husband and kids don’t trust me on the stairs so I’m not allowed to use them without supervision.

My other fashion accessories include an ace bandage, a lovely thigh high, toeless compression hose and my trusty knee brace.  I should be able to lose my bandage and hose after my checkup but I’ll be sporting the knee brace for another 3 weeks.

Last but surely not least is my new best friend the CPM Machine.  We’ve been spending 8 hours a day together and I have to say that it’s not as bad as I thought it was going to be.  It’s not painful at all and as I break the time up into 2 hour blocks, it seems to go by relatively fast.  I knew I was going to have time on my hands so I prepared myself with lots of books and DVR’d shows, and I’ve also been working on a photobook.  Having said that, I am always ready to get out when the time is up and I’ve been able to get back into doing some of the household chores and cooking/cleaning so I feel like less of a burden on my husband :).

Tomorrow is my first check up with the Physician’s Assistant.  I know we’ll be talking about the surgery and the road ahead.  I start Physical Therapy on Friday and am eager to be in that environment….feeling like I’m moving forward in my recovery.  I know that I likely won’t be able to run at the level I did before, but hopefully I’ll be able to run period.  We’ve had a beautiful Winter here and I’m dying to get back outdoors!

Me and my apparatus..

Crutches cpm

About Paige

I am a runner, wife and mother of three. I've been running since I was a kid and had my first taste of victory when I beat all the boys (and girls) in my grade at a school run. Since then, I've had a love/hate relationship with running....I love to run but hate how the training can sometimes monopolize my time and prevent me from doing "fun" things. So, I try hard to find the balance between challenging myself with running, while still having lots of fun on the side.
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