6 Months Out

I have done a terrible job documenting my microfracture recovery.  Not because I haven’t been very mindful of the timeline, but because I haven’t had great news to share.  It’s been a very frustrating and disappointing time and I’m nowhere near where I had hoped to be.

In a nutshell, I got off my crutches (and the CPM machine) at 2 weeks, took off my brace at 4 weeks and was able to drive again at 6 weeks.  I had a slight setback a couple months out when I tripped over my dog’s bone and had a very painful landing on a bent knee, but it felt better within a couple of days so I don’t think (and neither did my surgeon) that I did any damage to my microfracture site.  I continued with Physical Therapy until May and tried a couple of sessions of Acupuncture but I have made zero progress.

I was diligent in my recovery process, doing everything my Doctor and Physical Therapist told me to do and besides the initial progress made at getting my range of motion back, I have made no further progress.  At my appointment with my doctor at about 4.5 months out, he told me that he was concerned with my progress and the mechanical issues I had begun to have (clicking when I go down the stairs, locking up when I’m biking, etc.) and that he didn’t think the surgery had worked.  This was (and is) pretty devastating.  He suggested we try doing another round of Synvisc shots to see if that would help with the pain, swelling and mechanical issues.  I finished my last shot about 4 weeks ago and feel no different.

I will be having another MRI in a couple of weeks and from there my doctor will decide which surgical option will be next for me.  The only options left are pretty invasive and I have no idea what kind of results I can expect (I guess that will depend on what kind of surgery I need, which will depend on what they see on the MRI).  I feel very stuck….I don’t want to have any more surgery and am so worried about the outcome.  I am in a bad position though…I’m definitely worse off than I was before my surgery.  I still can’t walk up and down stairs normal and it still gives out from time to time so I feel like I’m handicapped.  I can’t play sports with my kids (I’ve still only been cleared to walk, bike and swim) and I feel like I’m missing out on so much.  I’m definitely not living a normal life so I feel like I’m going to have to do something, but I’m so scared to make it all worse again.

In the meantime, I’ve got the Marathon du Medoc on my calendar (it’s my 40th Birthday celebration) in September so I’m doing a marathon walking training plan.  My furthest walk has been 14 miles and my knee seems to be doing okay….in the sense that it hasn’t gotten any worse.  The marathon has a cutoff time of 6 hours and 30 minutes and I want to leave time to partake in the food and wine along the way, so I’ve got to keep my pace under 14:00/mile.  It doesn’t sound that hard (considering my old marathon mile pace was in the 6:40s) but it’s not easy either.  The mechanics are all different and my knee doesn’t land the same so it’s been a learning process.

That is my update for now….I need to keep up with this for my own reflection down the road so hopefully I can be better about posting updates.

About Paige

I am a runner, wife and mother of three. I've been running since I was a kid and had my first taste of victory when I beat all the boys (and girls) in my grade at a school run. Since then, I've had a love/hate relationship with running....I love to run but hate how the training can sometimes monopolize my time and prevent me from doing "fun" things. So, I try hard to find the balance between challenging myself with running, while still having lots of fun on the side.
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4 Responses to 6 Months Out

  1. Todd says:

    Do you have any more updates on this? I am scheduled for microfracture surgery tomorrow and am getting cold feet based on the amount I read online about people not being able to get back to running afterward.


    • Paige says:

      Hi Todd,
      Sorry, I was out of the country and wasn’t able to log on until now. Assuming you had the surgery, I hope your recovery is going well. I will be updating this again soon but unfortunately don’t have better news. The surgery did not work for me and in fact, made things worse. I am now exploring my options and will update my blog soon with what I have found. Good luck and feel free to ask any questions you have along the way.


      • Todd says:

        I did have surgery, but once they went it, they decided they didn’t need to do microfracture. I found out this seemingly good news when I woke up. My surgeon did remove a 2.5×1.5 cm piece of cartilage and did find a grade 3 crack in my medial femoral condyle. I have a follow-up appointment next week and am hoping for positive news, and the ability to ditch the crutches.

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  2. Paige says:

    I’m glad you didn’t need the microfracture. I hope your surgery was successful and you’ll be back out running again soon….or at least off crutches! 🙂


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