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  1. angyvosal says:

    Thanks for the detailed updates! I am wondering how you are doing now that you are a few months out from your stem cell procedure. I had bilateral chondroplasty and meniscectomy in December and hyaluronic acid injections afterwards in one knee and have seen no improvement. I hope the stem cells have provided you with some relief!


    • Paige says:

      It is time for me to do another update- thanks for the reminder! I haven’t had much change since my last post. The stem cell treatment definitely helped because it gave me the ability to walk normally again. It just wasn’t the miracle I was hoping for because I still have a problem going down stairs and can’t run. In hindsight, I wish I had done the stem cell treatment before having surgery because I think it could have made a huge difference (not to mention save me from having a surgery that made things worse). If you are up against another surgery and can afford a stem cell treatment route, I would definitely say it’s worth trying. I am still considering having either another PRP injection or possibly another stem cell treatment down the line, but will wait longer to see if I get any more improvement. I’m also considering doing another round of physical therapy to try to build my quad muscle up more to see if that improves any of my stability/mobility issues. I hope that answers your question, but feel free to ask any more if you need more help.


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